RC sailboats and toy sailboats from Tippecanoe Boats. We build the finest wooden model sailboats and remote control sailboat models and classic wood toy sailboats available anywhere in the world today. Similar to the Paris Pond Yachts in the Jardin de Luxembourg and the Garden of the Tuileries, our free sailing toy sailboats and pond sailers are fast sailing model yachts. Our radio controlled sailboat models come complete with full power rc gear included. Our free-sailing sailboat models and kits are designed to sail fast and straight. rc sailboat sailing is a wonderful sport for all ages. It is a great tradition whether you call it petit bateau a voile , segelboot bausatz , toy sailboat or pond yacht. Start an rc club to race radio controlled boats with other rc skippers or enjoy sailing your model sailboat at the local pond or lake on your own or with your family. Also known as pond sailers or pond yachts, beautiful model yachts have been a tradition for over 150 years. With the recent advent of absolutely reliable and affordable radio control gear, the sport of sailing radio controlled boats has become immensely popular. Although a very skilled rc skipper may have been sailing for years, anyone can get started in the sport of rc model sailboat sailing quite easily. Unlike RC planes, there is no risk of crashing and destroying your rc sailboat on its first voyage. You can count on Tippecanoe Boats to bring you the finest and fastest in beautiful wooden model yachts ranging from our beautiful small toy sailboats to our highly sophisticated rc yachts, the T27 RC Racing Sailboat, the T37 RC Racing Sailboat, The T47 Fairharbor RC Schooner, the T50 RC Racing Yacht, the T50 Carbon Fiber Racing Yacht, the T50 RC Trimaran, and the T65 Racing Sloop, the 50/800 Marblehead and the US One Meter Venom.





The very best in traditional free-sailing models and radio control sailboats

Crafted in the USA using the finest materials from around the world.

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toy sailboat

T12 Cruiser: 12 inch sailboat, for ages 5 and over, Western Red Cedar hull with two sails.
Kit $82.50, Finished $149.50.

model sailboat

T15 Racing Sloop: Winner of the Parents' Choice Award. 15 inch sailboat, for ages over 8 years old, Western Red Cedar hull with two sails.
Kit $115.95, Finished $196.50.

model sailboat

T-Class Racing Sloop: 18 inch sailboat, Western Red Cedar hull with two sails and an adjustable rudder.
Kit $145.00, Finished $235.00.

Controls from Shore on a Line. How Fun Are Free-Sailing Boats? Lots and Lots of Fun!

Boat Reel: Control your boat from shore. $13.95.

Varnish Kit: Marine varnish, varnish brush, sand paper, varnishing tips. $11.95.

Wall Stand: Hangs on a picture hook on the wall. Holds any of the boats. Solid Brass. $11.50.

Table Stand: Sits on a dresser or mantlepiece. 316 Stainless Steel. $12.50.

Masthead Streamer: 12 inch streamer flies from the masthead of the T15 or T-Class Racing Sloop. $3.50

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T5 Sailboat T5, T9, and T10 Floaters: Boats that float! Set of Three T5s: $32.50. T9: $26.00. T10: $38.00.

WindRacer: Two colorful boats that spin in the wind. For the yard or garden. Kit $115.00, Finished $195.00.

Mobile Photo Sailboat Mobile: Colorful mobile that hangs from the ceiling. $46.95.

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RC Sailboat Radio Controlled

T27 Racing Sloop: 27 inch fully remote controlled model sailboat for adults. One rc servo controls the rudder, one rc servo controls the sails. Prices include all remote control gear. Kit $375.00. Finished: please call for availability and price of finished boats.


T37 Racing Sloop RC Sailboat: 37 inch remote control sailboat for adults. Fully controllable from shore with RC gear, everything is included. One rc servo controls the rudder, one rc servo controls the sails. Kit $465.00. Finished: please call for availability and price of finished boats. The T37 is also available in a Racing Upgrade Version, T37 RC Sailboat Racing Upgrade Kit.


T37 Accessories: Great gift ideas for the skipper who has everything. Hats, racing instructional DVDs, heavy air rigs, multiple stands, and more!



T47 Fairharbor RC Schooner: A beautiful 47 inch long two-masted model of the ships of earlier times for adults. Complete with four sails and RC gear to sail your boat from shore, the T47 is a whole new kind of RC sailing. Kit: $625.00. Finished: please call for availability and price of finished boats.


rc sailboat models T52 Racing Sloop: Big, powerful, fast and fun. The T52 sails incredibly, maneuvers perfectly and is a truly exciting big boat for sailing in big lakes. The kit is straightforward to build. Construction is similar to the T37, but this boat is much bigger and more powerful! Kit: $675.00. Finished: please call for availability and price of finished boats.


T50 MOD: This is an exceptional new 50 inch boat. For adults. Its construction is ultra light, high-tech strip planked, creating a beautiful planked hull suitable for racing. Kit: $865.00. Finished: please call for availability and price of finished boats.


t50 carbon fiber modT50 Carbon Fiber MOD: Like the T50 MOD, this is an exceptional 50 inch boat. The hull is made of strong, light carbon fiber. To maintain the classic design, its deck is made of a beautiful .05 inch (1 mm) marine three-ply laminated okoume veneers. For adults. Includes all of the RC gear, including a drum winch. Requires batteries. Kit: $895.00. Finished: please call for availability and price of finished boats.


T50 Trimaran: The Tri is our fastest boat yet. Its three thin hulls slice through the water giving the boat unbelievable acceleration. For adults. In a light breeze the boat darts around the water, and in heavy air the boat leaves a mist behind it at top speeds! Two rigs are included for light and heavy air. Kit: $990.00. Finished: please call for availability and price of finished boats.


rc sailboat T65 Racing Sloop: This is the ultimate in RC monohull sailing! The T65 is a stunning boat, very lightweight, and extremely fast. For adults. Its construction is ultra light, high-tech strip planking, creating a beautiful planked hull. Includes all of the RC gear, including a drum winch. Requires batteries. Kit: $1,125.00. Finished: please call for availability and price of finished boats.


rc sailboat racing marks Racing Accessories All of the Tippecanoe boats are fun and exciting to race. The T37 is a sanctioned AMYA Racing Class and has become very popular for racing. There is a large T37 racing fleet in the Pacific Northwest. Other fleets are forming around the country. We have a variety of racing accessories including a kit for Official Racing Marks, a Starting Timer and a bow bumper.


rc tugboats radio control remote tugs T24 Tug Fun to build and fun to run! Seaworthy and fast, the T24 tug is a classic wooden tug boat that will last for years. Its powerful engine drives the tug at a fast pace and has plenty of torque for towing or pushing other boats. Everything is included, all precut wooden parts, speed controller, rechargeable battery pack, plug in charger, rc transmitter, receiver, electric motor and propeller. All you need is varnish! Kit: $558.00. Finished: please call for availability and price of finished boats.


seawind sails SeaWind Sails Tippecanoe boats is the official U.S. sail maker for SeaWind Class-Legal Sails. Colored sail corners are available as shown in the photo. The sails are rolled, not folded, so they come with no creases!



wooden kayak Tippecanoe Full Size Wooden Kayak Kit Fun to build, fun to paddle! This kayak is amazingly light weight. Its total weight is just over 14.5 pounds! This makes it very easy to carry, easy to launch, and super fun to paddle. You will love it! Sea-worthy, fast, and exciting. Kit: $1,524.00. Finished: please call for availability and price of finished boats.




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Excellent Sailing Performance

Tippecanoe Master Craftsmanship Award Awarded to a select handful of exceptional craftsmen who have done brilliant work in creating their beautiful model yachts from Tippecanoe kits. You have to see this work to believe it!

Our Guarantee: We guarantee that you will be 100% delighted with every aspect of our kits and boats or we will give you a full refund of your purchase price.

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Fun Sailing Movies

YouTube Videos

Will Lesh: T Boats Designer and Trans-Atlantic Sailor. The story of his crossing and the 24 foot boat he built and sailed.

About Our Company: We have been producing the finest, best-sailing pond-sailers since 1982. Over 65,000 boats launched.

Honors, Articles, Awards and Film. Here are a few of the articles that have been published and awards we have received over the years, along with some other less common forms of recognition, as well as excerpts from a film!

About Our Kits: Our free-sailing sailboat kits are easily assembled in 20-30 minutes. All parts come sanded and ready to paint or varnish.

Tips on Racing RC Sailboats: where to sail, how to set up a good course, racing markers, starting and finishing, building a fleet.

6 Popular Ways to Sail Your Free-Sailing Tippecanoe Model Sailboat Starting Point: Just add water.

Sailing Statistics: 1/8 mile in five minutes, 140 feet per minute in 12-15 mph wind.

Our Log Book: Visit our Log Book for hundreds of sparkling entries from Tippecanoe skippers.

Owners Pictures: These are great pictures that sailors and builders have sent us from all over the world of sailing their Tippecanoe boats.

Sailing Movies of the T37 RC Sailboat: I watch these movies over and over. I really enjoy them because the T37 RC Sailboats sail so gracefully!

Family Boatbuilding at the WoodenBoat Festival at Mystic Seaport 2014 Festival will include Family Boatbuilding with the T37 Racing Sloop!

Order Form Please visit www.sailingis.com to order.

T-37 GIFT Accessories: Already have all there is in the way of T-37 Accessories? Think again! Here are some excellent gifts for the one who has it all.

Corporate Logos and Corporate Gifts: Take a look at some of the special Tippecanoe corporate logos and gifts.

RCgroups.com Tippecanoe Forum: A forum where owners post pictures and videos, and give each other tips and tricks for the building process.

Facebook Group for Tippecanoe Owners: A Facebook group designed by a Tippecanoe Owner. A resource for people that own or are interested in owning a Tippecanoe Boat.

Around the Horn: An exclusive interview with a sailor who sailed around Cape Horn over 100 years ago.

Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia: Soaring moutains, tumbling waterfalls, beautiful boats! Join Will on his spring sailing trip!

Paris Pond Yachts and Model Sailboats: Pictures of splendid Paris pond yachts and Tippecanoe boats in the Jardin de Luxembourg and the Jardin de Tuileries in Paris, France!

Broughton Islands: Whales, bears, tidal rapids and williwaws. We cruise north from Desolation Sound following Captain George Vancouver's 1792 route through Johnstone Strait between Vancouver Island and the mainland coast of B.C.

Desolation Sound: The story of our cruise. Join us on our cruise north to incredible harbors along the coast of British Columbia.

Kauai: Sailing the T15 Racing Sloop off the beaches of Kauai. Pictures from our family's winter adventure.

Dark Star: Pictures of the incredible 40 foot carbon fiber race boat, Dark Star!

Fun Pictures: T Boats and their skippers.

Lake Chelan: Join our family on our trip to Lake Chelan in Eastern Washington.

Marblehead Festival of the Arts: 100 Tippecanoe boats race across Redd's Pond in a burst of summer color

Special Stories: These are heartwarming stories of how Tippecanoe boats have helped individuals and families

RC Modelsailboats built in LaConner Middle School with Eric Adam Over 50 of the T37 Remote control model sailboats have been built in Mr. Adam's classes.

Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club Rendezvous: Roast Salmon and lots of Tippecanoe Boats for a fun weekend.

Helpful Answers: A quick review of frequently asked questions.

Regattas: Race your boat in a fleet. How to set up a regatta.

Group Rates: Many groups have annual activities centering around T Boats.

Wholesale Accounts: In stores and catalogs T Boats are extremely successful sellers.

E-Mail us at "fun@modelsailboat.com": Click here to send E-Mail. Tell us your adventures, send us your questions.

Free Boat

Free Boat : Win a T15 Racing Sloop kit! Find the secret 6 digit number hidden on this web site and enter our free monthly drawing.

Regattas and News

It was an honor to be featured for my work with designing and building model yachts in the alumni profile in my university's alumni magazine. Click here for the article about how I got started and why we build the boats! RC Sailboats and model sailing yachts designed and built by Will Lesh, Tippecanoe Boats.

Click here for a video: Princeton Video

The Pacific Northwest Model Yacht Club Ably lead by Commodore Allan VanNess for many years and now under the capable leadership of Commodore Ron Knight, The PNMYC has brought an active racing schedule to Seattle and Bellingham for sailing the T37s and the T50s. There are now two Olympic Gold Medal winning skippers racing T37s with the PNMYC. The Prestigious Seattle Yacht Club has hosted the T37 Regionals and the T37 Nationals for numerous years. Visit the PNMYC web site at www.pnmyc.org

T37 National Championships 2017!

T37 National Championships 2015!

T37 National Championships 2013!

T37 National Championships 2012!

T37 National Championships 2011!

T37 National Championships 2010!

T37 World Championships 2008!

T37 World Championships 2007!

T37 World Championships 2006! 2006 T37 World Championship Regatta, was held on October 15 on Greenlake in Seattle.

T37 Canadian National Championships 2015

T37 Canadian National Championships 2014

RC Sailboat Remote Control T37 Regatta: Fast Sailing and Windy in 2005 RC Sailboat Regatta and Lots of Fun. Light winds and plenty of sunshine in 2004 made a relaxing day of sailing. Hope you can join us next year! Pictures and movies!

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