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T5, T9, and T10 Floaters

T5 sailboatT5 T9 SailboatT9 T10 SailboatT10

Our floaters are great for bath tubs, hot tubs, bird baths, ponds, pools, or lakes. They are crafted in the USA using the finest materials from around the world. These boats (T5, T9, and T10) come varnished and ready to launch. The perfect gift for any sailor!

We have produced over 25,000 of these little 5-inch boats! Who would have ever expected them to be so popular! It's the perfect first boat for a youngster, especially with unbreakable Delrin masts. I have to admit that the first 50 T5s had wooden masts. This required a quick re-design! The new Delrin masts can be tied in knots and not break! I like racing these down streams or floating them in the moats of sand castles along the shore before the tide comes up and erases all signs of the fun of the day. For adults these are a great reminder of many years of wind and waves and sailing adventures.

Brand new, the T9 is a fun enlargement of the T5. The T9 is a real puller with the solid brass screw eye in the bow. Young sailors who are not confident enough to have their bigger boats sailing far out into the lake on a line can be happy for hours pulling their T9 behind them on a string in ankle-deep water. Perfect for bath time, hot tub play, or rain puddles after a shower. Start a youngster off right with a life of sailing!

A little bit more with a sloop rig (mainsail and jib). This boat can also be pulled along on a string and is elegant for display and a wonderful reminder of delightful times at the lake. For actual sailing performance, take the next step up to the T12 which has a weighted keel and can never capsize because it is entirely self-righting. The T5, T9, and T10 are stable but can be capsized in a sudden squall.

T5 (Set of three): $27.00

T9: $22.00

T10: $32.00


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