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T37 RC Racing Sloop

Out on a lake or on the Sound the T37 excels in all winds.

20 mph gusts make the the T37 an exciting experience to sail. She may be surfing the waves, but she still controls perfectly.

It's almost calm, and the T37 glides off mysteriously across a smooth lake.

The second finished T37 we shipped to East Patchogue, NY, just in time for a vacation in the Florida Keys.

The new owner raced her against his 4 other RC boats. He reported back, "It put my other boats to shame, even my big 60 inch boat, it just sailed right past. I thought on the first day it was because it was light air. The second day was blowing like heck and your boat still left all my other boats behind. Unbelievable. I love the way it balances- I love everything!" We are just shipping a second boat to East Patchogue, "My family said I had to get a second one so they could race."

On the kits, assembly is very straightforward and a fun project. There are now over 2700 T37's sailing (and over 65,000 Tippecanoe boats sailing total!).

Click here to Listen to Todd talking about his T37 RC Sailboat in a phone message he left for us after he finished his boat.

Watch T37s Racing in the NW Regional Championships at the Seattle Yacht Club below:


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