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HOW WELL DO THE BOATS SAIL? All of our boats sail excellently. They balance perfectly and will sail in a straight line for miles! We are constantly getting wonderful comments from owners about how impressed they are with how our boats sail - usually when they come back to buy a second boat for a friend! Tippecanoe Boats are designed by Will Lesh, a trans-Atlantic sailor.

HOW DO YOU CONTROL THE BOATS? These boats sail beautifully on a light piece of monofilament line from shore, like flying a kite. On 8 lb. test fishing line we have sailed the T-Class Racing Sloop out over 1/4 mile, practically out of sight! With the line attached to the bow, when you tug on the line, the boat will turn and sail back to you! In small lakes and ponds you can sail your boat free from one side to the other. In a large lake it’s great fun to chase your boat from a canoe, kayak, dingy, rubber raft or even an air mattress!

CAN THE BOATS TIP OVER? No, the boats are entirely self-righting. In fact, you can even throw your boat in the water upside down and it will flip up and start sailing!

WILL THEY SAIL IN BIG BODIES OF WATER, IN BIG WAVES, IN BIG WINDS? Yes! We regularly sail our boats in Puget Sound, in waves a foot or foot and a half high, and in winds up to 15 and 20 mph. The key to these boats sailing so well is in the heavy keel castings - almost half the weight of the whole boat is in the keel!

WHAT ARE THE HULLS MADE OF? All of our hulls are Western Red Cedar. This is traditionally one of the best boat building woods from the Northwest. It is used on Old Town Canoes for the planking because it is so durable. Western Red Cedar is also a very beautiful wood when varnished. With the Cedar hulls and the solid brass fittings, these boats are built to last for years of sailing.

WHAT ARE THE SAILS MADE FROM? The sails are nylon spinnaker cloth, an extremely strong and light hi-tech woven fabric. They are 3/4 oz. fabric, the same weight that is used for the medium air spinnaker on boats up to 50 feet!

HOW DO WE SET THE SAILS (AND ON THE T-CLASS, THE RUDDER)? With the sails set in close, your boat will sail upwind within 45° of the wind just like full size boats! Set the sails farther out and your boat will sail farther off the wind and downwind. On the T-Class Racing Sloop set the rudder straight to sail on a straight course. With the rudder set hard over, your boat will sail in continual circles.

HOW ABOUT SWIMMING POOLS? The boats are exciting, colorful and fun in swimming pools! They will sail back and forth almost continuously in the swirls and eddies of wind, and add just the perfect touch of color and movement to the water.

WILL SALT WATER HURT THE BOATS? No! Our boats are all built out of traditional yacht quality materials. All of the deck fittings are solid brass. When convenient, as with any fine yacht, it is not a bad idea to hose off the deck with fresh water after exposure to salt spray.

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO DISPLAY MY BOAT WHEN IT’S NOT SAILING? Most people prefer the wall-hanging stand which hangs on an ordinary picture hook and makes an elegant display for the wall of the den, study, bedroom, or office!

WILL EVERYONE ENJOY A TIPPECANOE BOAT? Yes! These boats are wonderful adult toys! Youngsters love them and will never outgrow them. Our boats are built to last a lifetime. They are perfect for all ages and for anyone who loves the water!

OUR GUARANTEE? 100% Satisfaction in every way or return the product for a full refund. Tippecanoe Boats are the finest small sailing boats available today!

Tippecanoe Boats, ltd. 4305 Nordum Rd., Everson, WA 98247 USA phone/fax 1-800-206-0006 1-360-966-SAIL

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