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Our Log Book

“I purchased your T-Class and T-Class Junior at the Mystic Seaport Museum and love them both. Of all the free-sailing kits I have purchased, yours definitely are:
- the best performing
- the easiest to assemble
- the most rugged
- beautiful in their design.
Thanks again for doing what you do.”
Kenneth R. Ong, M.D.
New York, NY


“Seven years of sailing many hours each summer. Still sailing great.”
- Ben Adam


“They sail like the real thing - and easy to assemble - now I need another so they can race each other. A fun toy for any 38 year old.”
- Larry G. Navreth


“Purchased both a Wind Racer and a T-Class. Absolutely outstanding products!”
- Chris & Marti Christensen


“Bought the T-Class last year and sailed it a quarter mile out on Lake Tahoe. Great boat for Great fun!” - J.S.


“We have the best family times together sailing your boat when we are on our sailboat.”
- Michele Thompson


“Much enjoyment for a 4-1/2 year old and a 34 year old child!”


“First Class sport shared with the whole family! Big success!”
- E. Hamilton


“I bought two - one for a gift and one for myself. Sails Great!! A great escape from a busy world.”
- J.J. Wenk


“Really sails!! Great! Little breeze comes up, it takes right off!”
- Ed Kerr


Have two of your "T" Class boats. Hours of great relaxation.
- John Wenk


Ours is a "pool" craft - enjoyed daily by us and gets many favorable comments from guests.


We all enjoy sailing the boats on the pond - mine always wins - Thanks for the fun.
- Marsha Bezone


Fantastic boats. Fun to build and fun to play with!
- Joyce Stead, Bellevue


Absolutely a joy to play with. My daughter and I love it!
- Thanks, Craig Gable


Fantastic! I have had a super time with my T-Class in the waters of Lake Washington. I have sent one to the waters of Lake Michigan and it's doing great.
- Mark Jorgeson


Great Boat. Sails up a storm.
- Ron Frieste 7/24/87


Outrageous fun, having a great time with the boat.
- Theresa Gould


We only had our first boat for four hours before we had to have another! We even had a race with a really big red boat.
- Scott


Took off like crazy! It's great!
- George, Patti, Brian Pepelnjak


We love our boat. It has real sailing characteristics! It takes very little wind to set sail. Thanks for all the pleasure!
- Chuzz and Judy Kawabori


It's fun!! Playing Horatio Hornblower all the time!
- Jim Perry


We just bought a new color sail for our second boat. We really enjoyed sailing our first boat which was one of your earlier boats. We had so many people watching and enjoying.
- Judy and Jerry Waby


My husband and son were very impressed with the easy handling of your boats. They are better than one we bought a few years ago that was twice the price, and didn't sail worth beans! Yours is excellent!


The baby's father was delighted - he is waiting for the day his son and he can sail it - he'll be practiced by then!


On weekends we take out the rubber raft and let the boat go and the chase is on!


Just like the real thing. Almost more fun than being on the boat.
- Coeur d'Alene Lake, Idaho


The "Little Wing" sails Coeur d'Alene Lake like the wind.
Ross Anderson and Son, Shipwrights


I have loved my sailboat ever since I got it. I named it Summer Breeze and I really enjoy it.
- Matt Matheson


My daughter gave me a hit for my 67th birthday! I finished it and sail it in Port Susan - Goes marvelous!
- Chuck Forsenau


Alan really likes his boat and they really do sail great. He displays his proudly on his wall.
- Boh Tanlin


We have the best family times together sailing your boat when we are on our sailboat. It's always an attention getter at the docks we stop at.
- Michele Thompson


Sailing my T-class sloop has been a lot of fun for our entire family.
- Ty Forsberg


A favorite gift for two wonderful boys who are sailing their boat in Lafayette, CA!
- Pauline Godfrey


I sailed it across Green Lake all summer long. Great to let go across the lake in a light summer breeze and then try to beat it to the other side of the lake.


I am an owner of one of the original sloops and it has had great performance. I have sailed it in the San Juan Islands and Lake Union.
- Robert Cramer


Tippecanoe Boats are the greatest.
- Zam Refer


I have had hours of fun. I can sail it almost anywhere.
- Mathew Moncler


The T kit boat sails great.
- K. Gayson


Matthew and I went out today and sailed our T-boat on the Lake for many happy hours. Thank you for providing us with such fun.
- Sincerely, Cela Doppener & Matthew


Josh and I have a great time wiht our boat, we use it in the pond by our house, Thanks alot.
- George and Josh Yarrow


Taking my time putting 2 T-Class Boats together. Find working on them very relaxing and enjoyable.
- Larry Regil


Sailed at Barkeley Marina and had one of the best times of the summer.
- Barbara Marlisa


Sailboats sent to Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, have been greatly enjoyed by my father, an avid sailor since 1940.
- Sarah K. Goldsmith


I bought one at the '87 Folklife and I've had a great time with it. People really think it's cool.
- Gary O'Brien


To walk across Greenlake after my T- Class is a joy not to be matched.
- Weston Halledan


We have a large sailboat, now we'll add the Cruiser to our fleet. Enjoy them very much.
- Ben Bichele


We've enjoyed our T-Class - sail it on Chuckanut, Chelan and pools along the way. Next we built a 17' whitehall- all the varnishing experience paid off.
- Bob Tull


The first time I sailed the boat the line broke, so I had to wait until it reached the shore but it sailed so fast, it took no time!
- Hans


We have 2- (a fleet)? We sail them in the middle of Green Lake with our rubber raft. Great Fun.
- Thanks, Glen Bosch


Thanks again - would recommend it to anyone.
- Jim Harbin


My nephew Linn really enjoyed his boat.
- J'aime Amadeo


I recently completed a kit of your T-Class Racing Sloop. It was an enjoyable project and sails well. I wanted to drop you a note and commend you for the thoughtful design and excellent materials used in the sloop. And that you offer it in kit form as well as ready made. I've also given your name and address to the best toy store in town so perhaps they'll order some sloops from you for the season next summer.
- John G


Lots of fun. Never sailed before - but wanted a real boat right away!
- Thanks, George


We have a T-Class sloop and have had fun with it. It adorns a living room wall when not in use, and has plied Puget Sound and inland lake waters. She doesn't carry many people for overnighting, but she's fast and stable. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy a first rate sailboat - all paid for !!!
- Ron Henson, Olympia


I am the proud owner of number 3303, "Ranger II", a T-Class Sloop. I commend Mr. Lesh on a fine job of craftsmanship and engineering. I own a few other model boats and this one is the most cleverly and well built of all.
- Sincerely, Matthew Barb, Elkhart, IN


Still have mine after six years and still navigates well even today.
- Mia Wataboyski


Nic loves his boat and sails it every year at Orcas Island.
- M. Hersey


The boys independently received these boats for Christmas. They met at Orcas for vacation & sailed & sailed. Sometimes from the end of a fishing pole. They really sail far away! Great fun, great boats!
- Janeen Herring


My boat is #14 and is really good in ruf water.
- John Anthony


Wonderful sailor! Greenlake and Hood Canal have been its home.
- Jennifer


4 years now - still sailing our lake.
- Best Wishes


Our T - Class was purchased at the Olympia Wooden Boat Fair - a great consolation until we restore an old sailing dinghy that's waiting in the boat house. The small one loves river sailing - sails over and comes right back - even with the kids at the "kite string helm".
- Holly


Lafayette Reservoir is the best place for a T-Class. You rent a paddle boat and just follow it around the lake. Lot's of fun.
- The Romies


I like my boat because it sails smooth and very fast. My cousin and I sail our boats against each other. It's great.
- Jeremy VanBeek


I bought a T-Sail boat from you (for my husband) for Xmas in about 83. He took forever to put it together (being a perfectionist) but we love it. It's really quite beautiful - when it's not sailing it adds alot of beauty to our home.
- Thanks, J.P.


We love our boat. It goes on all our canoe trips to the lake.
-Thanks so much, David and Lauren Gulveh


We sail it off the North end of Camano Island. It is the only saling that I do now after 50 years. It is fun.
- Craig T. Spaulding


We bought one of your boats 3 years ago & sent it to California, where it's now sailing on Lake Forest. We bought a second one 2 years ago which sails out of Leschi on Lake Washington. We love them both.


My son and I both have the T-Class. They came out beautiful. We love 'em.
- Dick Taylor


I bought one in June of '87 and sailed it in California, Oregon, & Washington. Performed great and very sturdy. Just a fun boat.
- L. Keiley, Edmonds, WA


The T - Class was interesting to build. I didn't expect it to be so fast.
- Aaron Knox


Bought my Tip. 2 yrs ago - Take it with me on vacations up to the Gulf Is. Really a lot of fun.
- Bill Doerschling


My wife bought me a boat for my birthday. The boys and I like to take imaginary trips out on the Sound.
- Mark Erickson, Camano Island


Bought a T- Class. Sailed off of Edmonds on its maiden voyage last week. Sails great. Even sailed over the ferry wake! We'll get another soon so we can race.
- Dennis, Jane & Ian Birk


I bought a boat in May 88. I have it in the pool + it really goes!
- Good Job, Scott Lain


Bought a T Racer a year and a half ago, watch out Dennis Conner - I've been practicing.
- Tim Schenk


About three weeks ago I had my Tippecanoe boat on Lake Oriville in 15 - 20 mph winds and it performed fantastic. It's great in all types of winds. The little boat is tops. I have a few friends who are interested in my T-Class Sloop, and I am going to order another one for myself.
- Your Friend, Ryan Schofield


Sails great in any wind!
- Chris


Hello, My two boys 11-13 love the boats. What great fun!


Runs great in the new pool. What a pretty toy!!
- C. F.


Sails great off of Dolphin Point, Vashon Island.
- Barbara Weisman


The boat was really easy to put together.
- Spencer Brown


Boat works great on the end of fishing pole - Just throw in Lake.
- Gy Merthow


My grandfather and I made it.
- Zach Zeiss


We liked the boat. Fun to finish, fun to sail!
- David Angersbach


I have a boat and it sails great. I have sailed it in Barien and Coeur d'Alene.
- Jamie Landwehr


Still have a great time with our boat 8 yrs!
- Frank Delbovo


I like my boat, it is neat.
- Craig Worral


We have enjoyed our 2 boats! We use them on Coeur d'Alene Lake while we are boating!
- Meg Angelow


We bought two boats last year and it's been a joy to watch them catch the wind!
- Megin and Gavin Gander


Here is a picture of the boat I was given for my birhtday. I'm very pleased with it. She sails at our summer home where I follow in our canoe.
- Rev. Richard Souza


My 9 year old son has 2 of the T-Class boats. They sail very well & are well constructed & designed. They've provided lots of fun!
- P. MacLean


Dear Will, I love my Cruiser! It's really fun!
- Your friend, Sarah Beard


A great sail boat and very nice wall decorator.
- Thanks, R. B. Livermore


My boats name is "White Eagle".
- Neal


My boats name is Quickstop.
- Josh


Bought your "WindRacer". We love it. Please send us one "T-Class Racing Sloop". Please send as soon as possible - my swimming pool is anxiously waiting.


The boats were lots of fun at MDA Camp, they sailed beautifully.
- Katie Warren


I have tried many things with it and I named it Ice Breaker.


Great fun. Easy to make! The cub Scouts from Den 2, Pack 3 in Coeur d'Alene had a wonderful time making and sailing them!
- Pat Hale


T-Class Boat is the best sailing boat I have sailed. I own 5.
- Chris Stapleton, Sandpoint, ID


We surely enjoy our "T" Class boat here on Puget Sound.
- Ted and Chris Huntley


I've enjoyed finishing our "T" Class. Have lots of fun at Spreckles Lake in S.F.
- Brian Nickles


I bought the T-Class Sloop kit for my Dad's 70th birthday last April. On his card I told him that this gift was to celebrate the beginning of his 2nd "childhood". He was an avid sailor in the 30's & 40's and misses sailing very much. When he's not "sailing" now, the sloop is mounted and hanging over his bar in his new home in Apple Valley. He says the workmanship is superb, the quality of materials is unbeatable, and the design is professional. And this comes from an "old sailor"!! Thanks for making a special man in my life very happy!!
- Sally Wilde


Bought a T- Class for my 15 year old kid. He loved racing it on the Lake. It took off on its own and we had to hussle to catch up with it. We had a blast.
- Virginia Clesen


Our 2 year old loves his Cruiser!


Bought one last year for my nephew. He sails it off his sailboat. What fun.
- D. Wurtenber


My husband has been having a wonderful time with his sailboat in all the ponds in Golden Gate Park.
- Thanks, Christie Demerjohn


My son really enjoyed putting his boat together as well as sailing it. It also looks great on his walll.
- Gail Chavez


My son loves it. We go out on Green Lake in a canoe and sail it on a line.
- Susan Freeman


The boat works real great and I would buy another one any day.
- Dan Merlagh


I bought one last year for my Dad and he loves it.
- John Bruce


I love my T-Class. We sail it from our boat.
- Cynthia and Ron


We've sailed ours all over the Northwest!
- Steve and Jan O'Shea


Bought our first boat in Seattle. My son loves it!!! Great workmanship.
- Judy Phillips, Portland


I bought one 2 yrs ago and have sailed it many times across Green Lake. Last summer I sailed it 2 miles out into Lake Wenatchee (I followed in a rubber raft!) Lotsa fun.


The kids have really enjoyed the boats in the pool, on the pond, and while boating.


We've had one of your boats for 2 years. We've had lots of fun with it. And have learned about sailing as well.


Your T - Class has been a most treasured gift sent 2 years ago to 3 young sailors in California. Bathtub, pool, reservoir, and lake sailing.
- P. Godfrey


"Shiny Tiger" has sailed Lake Union for 2 yrs & we love it!! Use it with a pocket fisherman!!
- Rita Irvine


The T12 Cruiser is now happily sailing in Vista, Calif in my parents swimming pool abreast a golf course. My father reports that as the golfers come upon the 7th tee- (their backyard) their concentration is broken as they glance towards the pool-& sail ~Smiles! It was a perfect gift for parents who seem to have "everything"!
- Thanks, P. Smother


Great ship: my grandson and I have had a great time sailing.
- Bob Saunders


My son bought one of your sailboats 5 yrs ago. He still has it - sails great. Makes a great room decoration also!
- Thanks, John Tibbit


Chris loves his boat, he has sailed many adventurous voyages since purchase.
- M. Coleman


Looking forward to sailing in New Zealand.
- Richard Menden


Son built one threee years ago - amazing speed for the size & straight tracking.
- Charlie Stellman


Love my T12 Cruiser - Sails great
- Terry Stone


Seven years of sailing many hours each summer. Still sails great.
- Ben Adain


Hours of fun and it sails like a dream - I'm hooked - next time I go for the "top of the line"!
- Ain Smith


My brother and his son sail their T Class on a Lake in Langwood, FL. It's taken me 3 years to finally decide I deserve a boat too.
- Joanna Chesnut


We bought one in 1983 and found it soon became a part of our lives - on trips to Greenlake, across Europe. The tales we could tell. Great to see you!
- Thank you, Kathleen , David and Malika


Wind Spinner at work on Lake Tapps. Spinning gaily and keeping everyone smiling.
- The Mondons


The WindRacer is great. We had it out all last winter in snow rain etc. - they kept spinning, spinning.
- R. Spoor


My little Cruiser sails out and back in Portage Bay - foul weather or fair.
- J. Aronszajn


Really enjoy sailing our boat out to the island & tacking back - works great - everyone loves it.
- W. Mann


The boats really do sail great! Tested in Hood Canal!
- Tim Barley


My Daughter, age 17, applied varnish and paint to our boat and christened it "Sidewinder". She can be seen skipping over the waves of Echo Lake. She's a great sailer and lots of fun.
- Judy Bligh


I bought 3 of your boats for my nephews last year & they have had the best time building and sailing them.
- Thanks, Susan Cook


I bought a T-Class for my brother's birthday. He painted it bright red to match the sail and put it in the pool in the backyard with the rudder set so it would circle. Very relaxing to sit and watch!
- Susan Walston-Bullara


We bought the Cruiser in 1988 and have had it sailing in Lake Tahoe, hot tubs , and a swimmming pool. Great Boat!
- Nancy and Kyle


I bought a T-Class for my husband & he is wild about it. When he comes home from work, he'll sailit on the pool. All his tension will ebb away and he is very pleasant to live with!
- Judy Bligh


I bought a T-Class yacht last year as a gift for my boys. We took it to Australia as a Christmas present & the kids had a lot of fun sailing it in the lagoons at the back of the beaches. They liked to set the sails and let it go free. We found you could easily direct the boat's course. It was fun!
- Barbara Waight, Los Altos


Got a T-Class for Father's Day. Had a great time putting it togehter & took to Clear Lake for initial sail. Had a great time and look forward to future sailing adventures.
- Brian C. Bonge


Got a T-Class for Father's Day. So did my son. We had a great time finishing them. Our first sailing effort was real fun!
We look forward to more.
- Marty Boulger


Just finished construction of T-Class. Very good instructions - very enjoyable to build. Looking forward to maiden voyage!
- Skip Foster, Boulder Creek, CA


Bought your sailboat last year. Since then it has sailed in many seas.
- Matt Leonard


Two years to date! Still sailing those cool evening breezes. The best boat I've owned!
- Jay Sil


Buying 2nd boat this year. Lots of fun.
- P. Herth, Salem, OR


I have sailed it six times and it has worked perfect.
- Jeff


We sailed it on Waldo Lake. It was really neat.


We love our T-Class Sloop. We've sailed it in lakes, rivers and Puget Sound. It's fun
- Ron


James loves his Cruiser! He named it "Killer Whale".
- James T. Green, Salem


I sailed it on Lake Washington and in the sea. It's really fun! Keep up the good work!
- From J.J., P.S. I'm a girl!


My wife gave me a T-Class! Fun to build, great to sail. Excellent - Thanks.
- Bill Pearsall


A big one sails in Tacoma area and a small one is going to LakeWinnepesake.


I really enjoy sailing my Tippecanoe. It sails as lightly as the name I gave it, White Raven.
- Adam


I wid be habe to take This boat to my famly bac
- bound for Saudi Arabia


The Cruiser is really cool!
- Sarah Beard


They sail fantastically! I relax completely and feel every wave!
- L. K. Lane


Boy are we having fun with our yacht! We even got a huge power boat to wait for us to pass - seeing as how we were on "starboard" tack. These boats have clout!
- The Haynes Family


I took my sailboat "Jinniy" to Crater Lake and enjoyed several hours of fine sailing.
- E. Chuck Wight


The T-Class now named "S.S. Jorgy" has sailed many years. Great Fun!
- Mark and Joyce


Our T-Class sails great on our fishing pole in Desolation Sound, BC.
- Todd and Dean Anderson


I have one, I gave one to a brother-in-law for a present, another brother-in-law and I spent hours, despite the rain, sailing our boats back and forth. They are wonderful fun!
- D. Gallotte


I just got a new boat, a Cruiser to be exact. I named it "Skinny Dipper". I know I'll enjoy it. Many Thanks.
- Adam


I just bought my 4th boat.
- D.J. MacLean


Our son received a T-Class racing boat for his 6th birthday. We took it out sailing at Deer Lake. The boat was about 150 feet out - (attached to fishing line) and going well. Our son was getting concerned about losing sight of it when my husband said - "oops, the line broke- guess you'll have to go in after it!" Our son very nearly did go in after it! of course we still have the boat - it's more than just a "toy" to our boy!
- R.L. Fjelstad


Its fast to weather.
- Jamie Landneh


The boat looks and sails great on the water. I love it. It was a pleasure to sail and I am a 9y girl.
- Agnes


I got a sailboat from my Grandparents for Christmas. It sails great, and now it is hanging on my wall in my room for safekeeping.
- John Kuhe


I bought two in 1988. My children and Pappa love them. They're a treasure!
- Thanks, Mona Crear, Santa Monica


I have my boat in my pool. It's been there 1 year and still sailing great.
- Zak Lowe


Really enjoying our T-Class. Took it on vacation and sailed it a lot. Great fun!
- Deb and Dave Lundberg


Purchased both a Windspinner and a T-Class. Absolutely outstanding product!
- Chris and Marti Christensen


Last year we bought a T-Class and a Cruiser. This year we came back for a T-Class for our son. Great fun!
- Overtons


Got a Cruiser for my 5 yr old last year - he loves it! Sails every day.


Great boat! Fun to build - Fun to sail.
- Chet


We take our sloop with us on every motorhome trip and really enjoy it.
- R.C. Peterson, Long Beach


We were pleasantly surprised when we purchased the Cruiser for our son to use at Lake Powell...surprised that it worked so well.
- Mr. and Mrs. Kacheras
I think it's cool!!
- Matthew Kacheras


I love yore boats
- Kris Wismer

Thanks for all the fun, Kris loves his boat. We came back for the next size, he's been saving his money for the whole year.
- Thanks again, Sharon Wismer, Anaheim, CA


I bought mine 3 years ago and sailed it in lakes and the ocean, Great fun.
- Tracey


Bought the T-Class last year and sailed it 1/4 mile out on Lake Tahoe. Great Boat for great fun! If you can't afford a yacht this is the next best thing!!
- J.S.


Sailed it in the lagoon. Terrific for 6 yr olds.
- Mark


We've had great joy since we purchased your WindRacers last year.
- Thanks-a-lot, Liz and Mo Mosher


We just love the Wind Racer.
- Scott & Linda Johnston


I bought 3 for my 3 nephews last year. They loved painting /finishing them & sailing them on lake in Michigan. Your boats, however reside in Chicago -Thanks - It was a great Ghristmas gift.
- Kati Cali


We sail the Cruiser in our hot tub. Many hours of fun.
- Thanks, Mat and Kelli


Put together a T-Class for my four year old grandson. Went sailing on the local lake. Sails like a champ and controlled with only a simple fishing pole and line. We expect to share more moments (memorable) with our little sailboat.
Thank you, Bernie L. Aice, Santa Clara, CA


My seven year old son loves his. He's learned much about sailing.
- Marti Harroff, Seattle


My dear Grandma has one and I love it.
- Renae B., Edmonds


I bought the Cruiser and put it in my round 18' pool, and there it is still sailing back and forth as the wind blows. Great!
- Bruce Clubres, Petaluma, CA


I bought my Dad the T15 Racing Sloop. He loves it. When he's not out sailing his big boat he likes to sail the "Junior" at home in the pool.
- Marsha Lane


My son and I enjoy ours lots! They take off nicely and provide much more enjoyment than you think!
- Mark and Kyle Hornberger


We enjoy the boat like a piece of sculpture, plus our boat is a joy to watch sailing, such fun!
- Charlotte Carpenter


My boat can go under a water fall. I like it because it can sail around the pond.
- Teddy


We have our WindRacer mounted on our deck rail. We use it to gage how windy it is. Also got one for a gift.
- Brian and Roxy Baird


My 6 year old likes his Cruiser very much. We sailed it in our field in Whatcom County during the flood in November. 7" of rain - Wow!
- The Youngquists


Could not resist the temptation of my much younger years. Purchased two, one for me and one for a gift. The gift will be sailing in the southern hemisphere, Chile to be exact.
- Hernando Orangen


The T15 sails great! It really goes to weather! I live on a boat and these are great fun at anchor.
- Tim McIntyre


I bought one for my husband and he really enjoys his boat - from putting it together to sailing it.
- Thanks, Carol


We've been fans of your boats for about five years. We've sailed on Lake Curlew in wide open water. Lots of fun for the whole family.
- The Dodds


The crew of the "Runamuk" took our T-Class to S.E. Alaska and even caught the eye of an occasional eagle in various ports.
- Happy Sailing, Tom, Kathy and Ahren Howard


The purchase of your boats as gifts for friends and relatives and myself last Christmas was the best holiday decision I made. Thanks for the sailing and fun.
- Larry Krink


Great fun! Now that we have two Tippecanoe Boats, we're looking forward to some very competitive racing.
- Russell E. Martin, "Captain"


I took my T-Class to Hawaii where I sailed it in the harbor and lake. It worked very well - I'm so pleased! Now it's hanging on the wall where I have great memories!
- Dave Goodworth


This is my husbands 2nd. He loves putting them together. Now he'll have something to race.
- Bill Brubaker's Loving Wife


We will check the sailing weather on the West of Ireland at Clifden. Our home is on the Ocean with one side facing the bay. Let us hope the "Eyrephort" proves seaworthy.


Loved assembling the T-Class - Have sailed it several times in Lummi Bay (Bellingham) - It's great!


Off to sail at Martha's Vineyard! It's wonderful!


Off to sail in Mediterranean. (Southern France)


Sure is a wonderful idea for some relaxing fun. Will bring them as gifts to Italy for who knows, some Mediterranean sailing!


Had lots of fun "chasing" my T-Class on Lake Stickney - a great way to be a kid again!!
- Dave Johnson


We're taking the boat to Germany. Looking forward to some great sailing.


3 years happy sailing in the Hot Tub.
- Jim Wibons


I like mine a lot & they last.


I have three of them - they're great
- Alex


I like the boats - I have 5 of them that I sail.


#14 still going on the Columbia River, Portaland, OR.
- John Anthony


T-Class sloop headed for Aruba!


I have a T15, it's pretty cool, it's been out to the middle of our bay, thru a storm. A-OK.
- Thanx, Sue P.S. I just got a T-Class to put together!


I got a T-Class sailboat 4-5 years ago and it still works great. Very fast.
- Ben


Honey, Heart and our 7 children have 2 of your sailboats and we live on the beach in Central America. We sail them in the ocean and follow them with our paddle boards. We all love them. Thanks so much.


I got a Tippecanoe 4 years ago - took it around the world and back. It still floats.
- Jeff


Cruiser is bullet proof in 35 knots w/breaking seas - didn't even have to reef!
- Marcus Lane


Sail T-Class on Columbia near Lyle - hard winds - decks awash but always comes back.
- Carl Dede


The T15 sloop we sent to a sailor and his children in Japan was well received.


Really nice boat - sailed successfully on Lake Ballinger while out for a swim(s).


Just bought a boat to send to England - will be looking for ponds and the North Sea.


Still sailing the "Wasp" around Puget Sound! Thanks for all the fun!
- The Birks


We plan to sail our T-Class sloops around the world. What fun.
- Garrett and Sue


I have been building these wonderful boats for 2 years and they're great fun. Now I have all three!


We bought 3 last year to sail in the hot tub waters of Yakima. They are great and had wonderful races!!
- Jeanne


I sailed my boat at the Ocean.
- Zach McCorkle


These are great little boats - such fun to sail, so romantic. Now we have a son to introduce to the joys of making and sailing.


My son enjoyed putting the boat together and years later it is proudly displayed in his room - a prize possession.
- J.B.


My son spent many happy hours finishing his boat and only wanted one thing from the Belllevue Arts Fair this year - another racing sailboat!
- Carol Jeffers


We have 3 fun boats. My grandchildren learned sailing on Haller Lake and now the boats have gone to Evergreen, Colo, & Phoenix, Az. They love them.
- Barb Grass


We bought one of these for my father-in-law last year for father's day. He's a hard man to buy for. And this was a big hit. Our best gift ever.
- Judy Roberts


We have had our WindRacer mounted on a branch of the old maple tree at our front door for three years now. It's still spinning!
- Jim and Cheryl Kina


Bought my kit, put it together, sailed! Not quite racing to Hawaii but the next best thing!


This will be a wonderful gift for a little boy in London.


We sail off the Manchester Beach with the T15. We attach the boat to a fishing rod and just reel it back in!! Just love it.
- Thanks, Kao Olsen


We are really enjoying our WindRacer. It adds that delightful touch of summer even when the sun isn't out.
- Joe and Lynn Joetzen


As a 70 year old sailor I really enjoy my T-Class. Takes me back to my younger days sailing home made boats far away at the beach in town.


Took our 2 ships to be put together all the way to the British Virgin Islands. Gorgeous looking on the water. Sooo Fun!
- The Akers Family


The constant trade winds make sailing in Hawaii a real pleasure. My T-Class almost sailed out of sight with the long fishing reel line I had attached - then with a slight jerk, the boat turned around and sailed back. It's fun to take to the lake or dock.
- Very pleased, Dave Goodworth


We are sending one of your beautiful boats to Paris , France. Ultimate destination, Mediterranean? Atlantic?


The model yacht I was not going to buy leaves for Australia tomorrow.
- Jim A.


Your sailboat is going to two little boys in Switzerland to sail on Lake Constance.
- Thank you!


Great sailing boats. So much fun to sail or just look at hanging on the wall.
- Greg DeBon


We loved it...we went yachting on Lake Tahoe!
- Karen & Jonathan, S.F., CA


I've been sailing my "Jib Sailer" for over 7 years. I've really enjoyed it.
- Thanks, Jim


The boat is cool and it go's a little fast.
- Michael Ruiz


One Cruiser on its way to Australia! My Nephew should have a great time!
- B. Hahn


My friend received one for his birthday and loves sailing on Spreckles Lake. Thanks for many hours of enjoyment.
- S.F.


First T-Class Racing Sloop to be sailed in Caulingford Louch, Rostnevor, Ireland, by Captain J. R. H. Kelly (8 yrs old).
- Signed, His Aunt


For my grandsons, Rob and B'as in Holland. As I am a retired captain at sea, this boat will give us great fun on the "Veere Meer" (Lake Veere) in Zeeland.


We sailed our T-Class at Spreckles Lake in S.F. Park. It was great!
- B.M.


I bought a Cruiser for my nephew last year. He lives in Australia and often sails the cruiser in his salt water swimming pool. He really enjoys it.
- Lorrie Bean


We've had our WindRacer for 3 years and never get tired of watching it spin.
- Pat and George, Walnut Creek


They handle S.F. Bay great. Lots of fun.
- Kurt Christophersen, San Leandro, CA


Have had lots of fun sailing T-Class sloop. Much fun and feeling of accomplishment building and using such a well balanced, beautiful boat. Great craftsmanship.
- Thanks, Neena Pike


My Dad sails his in Poipu, Kauai and loves it!


We love our sailboat. Take it to the park on a windy day. Everyone loves it.
- Roxanne, Walnut Creek, CA


This was my husbands favorite gift he ever got from me. He plays with it in the spa all the time.
- Jill Heifetz


My son loves his Cruiser. He had to get a T-Class enough to earn up for it.
- Frea Woofenden


Our boat is Yar.
- S. Roberts


My Husband sails it all year in our pool!
- The Walshes


In 1989 I purchased a WindRacer for my boyfriend as his "Santa" toy! It was the hit of Christmas! He put it in his rear flower bed - all year he has watched his boats race - from his breakfast nook!
- Thank you again, Linda Girard


This boat is off to sail Lake Geneva in Switzerland.
- Christine


It was so fun everyone should have one.
- Adam Wiswell


We had so much fun in Plaza del Rey Lake - Great, Great fun- We're going to get more.
- The Cole/Garrisons


We have 5 - They all have 'em


We have a T-Class at Lake Arrowhead & we love it!
- The Scotts


I have the Cruiser and the T15. They run really great and they go really fast. Today I'm Buying the T-Class Racing Sloop.
- Thank you, Matthew Rockevas


Enjoying our Cruiser on Lake Washington and the Sound!


We have ventured many romantic islands in our hot tub with our Cruiser. Thanks for an at home vacation.
- Audrey Matthe


The sailboat sails beautifully in our pool in Clumont, Calif.
- The Harris'


Great boats - We've turned these boats into an annual tradition as gifts.
- Eileen


My Husband thought your boat A-1!
- G.A.


Off to Denmark via Michigan and New York. Bon Voyage.
- The Burns Family


One of your T15 boats will be going to my brother who sailed in the America's Cup race. He crewed on the Weatherly and Intrepid.


I really like sailing and racing against my sister!
- Christian Haus


My three boys love their boats! "The Flying Kipper," "The Doggie Dasher" and "Brian's Blade." We take them everywhere there is water and have hours of happy memories.
- Thank you, Lisa Percival


The boats are great. They have been sailing on opening day for the last two years.
- Josh VanDane


Our 7 year old loves his.
- F. Schultz


We have enjoyed our two Cruisers in the lake, at the beach and in the pool!
- Thank you! The Bobroff Family


The best boats in the world.
- Kris Wismer (I have three!!)


Our nephew purchased a Cruiser and he loves it!
- Larry and Patti Jensen


We have a wonderful time sailing ours in Newport Bay. The T-Class really moves!
- Paul Raimonds


I sailed my boat on Scott's Flat Lake and I think its the best boat.
- Zach Moeves


This is my 2nd boat. Great kits and fun.
Thanks, Gary Hittlejohn


Afternoon cruising at Lake Evans in Riverside, CA. Got "rails under" - very exciting and very relaxing.
- Christen Ralston


Leroy loves to watch his Cruiser on Lake Etivards. He spends hours watching the wind take it to & fro!
- Thanks, Liz


Lot's of fun, we have 3 generations of sailors.
- S. Bailey


We race our T15 with our canoe- Good fun!
- Zedd Todd


We have had a lot of fun with the Tippecanoe every year at Orcas Island. Great fun. Sails great. We have had it for years!
- Barry and Amanda Birch


From the Mother of 4 sons who love your boats.
- Pam Bow


My third boat.
- Zachary Crear


I have a Cruiser. It sails real well at Green Lake.
- Elizabeth


My nephews (3 of them) love your boats - They have great races on Lake Michigan.
- Thanks, Patti Caoli


Have sailed our T-Class the length of Lake Kathleen! Lives on a custom wooden boat stand in our bedroom.
- Diana


Bought small one last year - husband enjoyed it so much, wanted large one.
- Betty


Having lots of fun with my T-Class in Lake Washington. Thank you. Does real well in the waves. Classy with all white sails, white hull and natural deck.
- Ben Freid


I had to chase down my T-Class with a Zodiac.
- Crey DeBelles, San Juan Islands


It's a memory forever for my children they will pass on to their children!!
- Sue Huff, Anacortes


I've bought two T boats and they are the best sailboats I have ever bought - and I have had a lot in my 43 years - They are wonderful.
- John Bauer


I've had one of your early boats for many years. Take it fishing and set it free. It hangs on my fireplace. Beautiful craft!
- Bob Smith


I gave my cousin one of your boats for Christmas and he loved it! He put it right together and played with it more than anything!
- L. Rogers, Renton, WA


I loved my Cruiser first, now I'm back for a T-Class!
- Victoria, San Jose, CA


I buy your boats for gifts every year. This one will go to a little boy in France.
- Carol, Seattle


One of your T-Class boats will soon be sailing the Thames in England.


Wonderful Boats!
- Alberto Zamboni, Venice, Italy


My son bought one at age 11 and still has it at age 19. It still sails great.
- Thanks, Dick Fitzgerald


Great fun to build together as a team.
- Grandpa


I've sailed my boat in Grandmother's pool and in lakes. It's great!
- Paul Kawakoni


It's been wonderful. My 11 year old has been sailing his first boat for 3 years now! He's had lots of fun.
- Christi Johanssen


I like sailing it. I've had it 6 years and I'm six years old!
- David


#14 still sailing. Went through Columbia in 4' seas and 25 knot winds, better than Casade 22.
- John Anthony


We have our whole YMCA Westerners (Dads & kids) sail T15 boats every June at Miracle Ranch. Thanks for producing such a great sailing boat!
- Joe LaPlante


Quartermaster Harbor this year... Vic-Maui next?!? Great Fun!
- Laurence Watson


The T-Class Racing Sloop is the fastest in the field at Lake Ballinger!


We have so enjoyed the WindRacer at our beach place on Fidalgo Island. Now our friends in Denmark will enjoy this new WindRacer.
- Les Chichester


3 boats built and enjoy them all.
- Wally and Michelle Clovesdell


Love my boat "Osprey Ponderosa". Sailed in Montana & Puget Sound & Marses pond! Next Hawaii and the Caribbean. Watch out Jimmy Buffet.
- Steve Noe


As owner of one of the earliest T-Class vessels (#2), I'm still a proud skipper! The boat has brought me much joy.
- Jim Sutton, Kirkland, WA


Last year we sent a T15 to Copenhagen, Denmark. It is being thoroughly enjoyed.
- Heidi Barres


We let it out 250' on Mason Lake - Sailed Super! Fun!
- Mary Smith, Spokane


I love my T-Class. I sail it on Campbell Lake in Anacortes, Wa. while I'm out on my Force 5, 14 footer.
- Vic Childe


I bought one for my 62 year old father. He loves it! Lots of fun.
- Chalana


T-Class is excellent. Lotsa fun - Grandkids love it.
- Tom Thayden, Sacramento, CA


1 T-Class will go sail to Germany close to Ulm for Christmas.
- Joli


I bought a boat to send to my nephew who lives in Indonesia. He'll love it!
- Thanks, Lynn McSwain


Dad loves it. A big hit on Arrowhead Lake!
- Mary Cauldwell


I'm the new owner of the T28 and the first to own all 4 boats.
- Kris Wismer


Tippecanoe is the best!
- Gregory Nolan, Palmdale, CA

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