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Here are some pictures of 2 boats. The white/white was last year's project.
I built the red/white this year to try and get the kids interested in racing
each other. My son and his cousin did enjoy them!





Big and Little Boys and Boats Off to Sea! Light Air

"If you want, when we hit Papeete in
a few weeks, I can send you the full image and some more.

Thanks for a great boat ... we loved the process of building it with its
great instructions and simplicity and the few hours of sailing we got in so
far have been great both for their proud owners as well as for dad, the

From theSchmids Family sailing on Lawur. They have reaced Papeete and here are the full size images!



The full size Lawur lies anchored in the background.
















Gentlemen, attached are photos of the maiden voyage
of the T37 my son purchased for me back in August. It
is hull #512. He also has a T37, and, unfortunately, he
lives in Wisconsin so we have not been able to match
them against each other. I believe his is hull # 510.

We are attending the launching of the Navy's newest
Destroyer this weekend, the USS Freedom in Marinette
Wisconsin. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and
if so, I will send more photo's of both boats.

It was a real joy building this boat and I am so
pleased with the outcome. It sails just as you have
described. In looking at the new designs, I am
really excited about the schooner. What a beautiful

Thank you for continuing to build,

Bradley J Grenlund
Roscommon, Michigan


I've just realized that these next pictures represent the third family on this page that has built 2 of the T37s. In fact Jeff is just starting his third T37 now! I think Jeff is the first person to build three of the T37s!

I've attached a couple of pictures of the first two. The white base with blue/white sails was my first. I built it and gave it to my father for his 70th birthday. The blue base with white/white sails is my second and is mine. The closeup shows the hatch covers (though I noticed I still have a little wax in the cracks). The back cover is just the servo opening cut in half. The center cover is balsa wood with clear epoxy. Both have mohogany strips glued to the top. All color on the boats is brite side. It seems to work very well. My next boat is going to be all black with white/white sails.
Jeff Cicotte


Here is a fourth builder for this page who is building their second T37 - just a note this time, no pictures yet, but what a great note to make me feel good as the designer! Thanks John!!

"I have one so this one will be the second. Looking forward to adding the second for a little friendly competition in the family. The way you have designed the T37 is so remarkably intelligent that it is a pleasure to build, and of course it flies!
John P. Levis III"

And now we fly to Australia

Brisbane Australia (153.02 longitude 27.47 latitude) HYPERLINK www.ourbrisbane.com
T37 Boat Launch

Everyone has their personal reasons for taking on the task in building a RC model boat. For me, it was a rather belated decision at the age of 54 to catch up on doing some things I should have done when I was a kid. It is great to enjoy the experience of being child like in building a mature toy with the benefit of knowledge and experience that come with the aging process.

Here I am, with my new toy ready to go for my very first boat launch. My experience with RC controls is nil and so you the reader are fortunate enough not to have to watch my maritime teething disasters.

The location where I have taken the boat is called Forest Lake. It is a western suburb of Brisbane. "Brizzie" as we like to call it, is located near the sea and traditionally has enjoyed NE to SE summer breezes during the summer changing to cold westerlies in the winter.

I built my T37 on my work bench in the carport of my home. In contrast to some other parts of the world, working outside in winter where the temperature range is from 8(C to 24(C daily may seem like paradise.
Every morning I would do a little bit just before having to go to work. Weekends, when time became available, I would look forward to coming one step closer to finishing. At the same time, I was enjoying the journey of building so much that I was also hoping deep down, that it would not come to an end.

Will’s instruction manual was a delight to follow. It was as if he was standing there, talking to me. The responses I received to my emailing for some help at the final stages were handled both professionally and as if I had become a friend. Also, I was pleased with the quality of the product, the state in which it arrived by post, and the simplicity in which it could be used.

Well, now I have to acquire some remote sailing skills and then hopefully I will find someone to sail with for some fun competition.
Will keep in touch Will !"

Thanks Otto, it has been fun for me to be corresponding with you in Australia!

And now it's off to the lake. Otto has built a unique boat back pack for carrying his T37 when he heads to the water for a day of sailing. You can see the sail sticking out the top.








From Washington State

Great kit. Had lots of fun constructing the T37. Good directions and
explanations. Had a couple of minor glitches during construction but nothing
that couldn't be remedied. Now the fun of learning to sail her. Launched her
on Sept 4, 2006 in Lake Ballanger (not far from my Edmonds Home), she sailed
great in light winds.

Be sure and put me on your regatta list.
I would love to try my hand at some competitive sailing.

Ron Meicho

Hi Ron, I hope you can make it to this year's regatta on Greenlake!

Happy Sailing,Will

From North Carolina

I promise to send a lot better pictures and some sort of story about the build but for now I wanted you to see that I have completed her, I just haven't gotten her wet yet. Leon Hart, Charlotte, North Carolina

From Alaska

We have sent a lot of boats to Alaska over the years, but I think these are our first pictures from Alaska. Thanks very much Tony!

Looking for wind Found Some


She is all complete, and I am very happy with the result, she looks great. It was great fun to build, almost sorry to be finished.
Had the first sail around 10:00 pm last evening when a little breeze finally came up (we have very long days in summer up here). She handled beautifully, even with as little breeze as there was, can't wait for some decent wind. You may notice I was so anxious to try it out I forgot to put the penant on.
Thanks for a great product, some pictures follow.

Tony Hinman,
Fairbanks Alaska

Click here to Listen to Todd talking about his T37 RC Sailboat in a phone message he left for us after he finished his boat.

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