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T37 Racing Upgrade

The Racing Upgrades are available as a Racing Upgrade Accessories Kit to be added on to your Standard T37 or the T37 Kit can be purchased in the Racing Upgrade Version, which has all of the Racing Upgrades included.

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The standard T37 races beautifully and can be very competitive, but the added sail control and added throw on the sails in the Racing Upgrade version will improve speed and performance in some conditions. Having the racing upgrade package can be particularly important in the competitive fleet in Seattle, where some of the top big boat skippers from the Pacific Northwest compete, including two Olympic Gold Medalists, Jonathan McKee and Carl Buchan, who have taken T37 racing to a very high level of skill. The T37 Class is a one-design class, the standard sails must be used and beyond the racing upgrades there are no additional expenses in having the most competitive boat in the fleet! The same systems that are included in the racing upgrade package can also be created by the owner on his own and rigged to a T37 and the boat will still be class legal, although the cost savings compared to purchasing the racing upgrade package would be fairly small.

The Racing Upgrade for the T37 Racing Sloop improves sailing performance and power especially downwind and is particularly designed for sailors considering racing. There are two significant advantages to the Racing Upgrade Package. The first advantage is full control of sail shape and tuning with multiple sail adjustments. The second advantage is the double-throw sheeting system, which allows the sails to go out twice as far on downwind courses. The HS645 ultra torque servo is included in the Racing Upgrade package to handle the extra load of the double throw sheeting system.The Racing Upgrade package includes carbon fiber booms, a boom vang system and a downhaul system on the jib-boom along with all of the other sail trim adjustments.

Carbon Fiber Boom and Vang System
Sophisticated Sail Trim Systems
Double-throw Sheeting System
HS645MG Ultra-Torque servo for sail control
Spectra shrouds and backstay
Boom Vang System and Jib downhaul system

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If you are getting ready to order your T37 Kit and you are planning on racing, you might consider the Racing Upgrade Version of the T37 Kit initially. When you order the Racing Upgrade version of the T37 Kit, the upgraded 2.4ghz transmitter and receiver are included. This radio system eliminates channel frequency conflicts because it uses coded digital signals instead of relying on each radio being on a different channel. Your Racing Upgrade Version of the T37 Kit includes all of the materials for building your T37 plus the carbon fiber mast, carbon fiber booms, the double throw sheeting system, boom vang, full sail trim adjustment systems, HS645Metal Gear ultra-torque sail servo with a complete instruction manual that covers all of the racing upgrades.

T37 Racing Upgrade Racing Sloop Kit (the carbon fiber mast is included): $465.00

radio controlled model sailboats rc stand Lakeside Stand: $38.50

radio controlled model sailboats rc stand Table Stand: $18.50

Wall Stand: $18.50

HS5645 Servo Upgrade: $22.00
Varnish Kit: $17.50
Veneer Deck Kit: $20.50
Upgraded Custom Sail colors (choose from the color swatch here): $6.50/sail

The Racing Upgrade Accessory Package can also be purchased to add the racing upgrades to an already-completed T37; all of the racing upgrades are designed to fit in place easily in a standard T37. The HS645 Ultra-Torque servo is exactly the same size as the original sail servo that comes with the standard kit. The Racing Upgrade Accessory Package does require that you have the carbon fiber mast on your boat.

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For retrofitting your standard T37, the Racing Upgrade Accesory Package includes everything you need to outfit your boat for top-notch racing, along with detailed instructions. The cost of the Racing Upgrade Accessory kit for retrofitting your standard T37 is $79.This kit does not include the digital radio or the carbon fiber mast. The digital radio can be purchased for an additional $49.00. The carbon fiber mast is required for the racing upgrade kit to work and can be purchased for $10.50.

There are no other class legal performance expenditures that can be added to your T37 except for installing an even more powerful sail servo. The D645MW digital servo has become popular in the Seattle racing fleet. The D645MW digital servo has 20% more torque than the 645 servo and will be preprogrammed when you get it from us to have a swing of 120 degrees instead of the standard 90 degrees of swing. The additional swing of the D645MW digital servo gets your sails out even farther when sailing downwind. The 645 servo is an analog servo and cannot be programmed for additional swing beyond the 90 degrees it comes with. I have always raced with the HS645 Servo on my T37 in the past, but I have recently upgraded to the D645MW digital servo. The additional cost of substituting the D645MW digital servo in place of the 645 servo is $22. For even more information on sail servos click on sail servos for radio control model sailboats.

Any of our boats can be purchased without the radio transmitter and receiver at a lower price if you already have your own radio control gear, otherwise all of our rc sailboat kits include all of the radio control gear for sailing. Call for pricing if you want to put together a special package so you are not duplicating equipment that you already own.

Call any time with questions. We want to get you the best set up for your needs. Our toll free line is 1-800-206-0006, for international calls dial country code +360-966-7245.

To order the Racing Upgrade Version of the T37 Kit or the Racing Upgrade Accesories Package click here for the order form: T37 RC Sailboat Racing Accessories and Racing Upgrade Version Order Form.

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Let's go Racing!

T37s Racing at the 2015 T37 NW Regional Championships hosted by the Seattle Yacht Club:

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