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Tuesday, 16 February 2010
Dear Will,
The boat, named the Tippecanoe (the "T") enjoyed her maiden voyage yesterday in Rome's Acqua Paola. Her owner, Nathan Louis was ecstatic. I've never seen him so delighted with a gift.and he is so very grateful to his grandmother, who lives in Washington, DC. Of course. all of us are terribly appreciative of you and your team, as well.
We also enjoyed the DVD you sent about the Tippecanoe collection. As an amateur violist, I was delighted with your perfect choice of music for the soundtrack.
Below are a few photographs of yesterday's voyage taken by my wife, Marjorie Shaw. We'll send more of future voyages.
I look forward to talking with you soon.

Aqua Traiana
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Aqua Traiana (later renamed the Acqua Paola) was a 1st Century acqueduct built by Emperor Trajan from 98-117 AD.[1] It channelled water from Lake Bracciano, 40 kilometers (25 mi) north-west of Rome, to Rome in ancient Roman times but had fallen into disuse by the 17th Century. It fed water mills arranged in a parallel sequence at the Janiculum, under the present American Academy in Rome. The milling complex had a long history, and were famously put out of action by the Ostrogoths when they cut the aqueduct in 537 during the first siege of Rome. Belisarius restored the supply of grain by using mills floating in the Tiber. The complex of mills bear parallels with a similar complex at Barbegal in southern Gaul.
Revival as Aqua Paola
Camillo Borghese, on his accession in 1605 as Pope Paul V, initiated work on rebuilding the Aqua Traiana, supervised from 1609 by Giovanni Fontana. At that time, the Roman suburbs west of the Tiber River, including the Vatican, were suffering from chronic water shortage. The new pope persuaded the Municipality of Rome to pay for the development of an acqueduct to provide a better water supply to that part of the city.
In 1612, the acqueduct was completed. It was initially called the Acqua Sabbatina or Acqua Bracciano, but was renamed Acqua Paola in honour of Paul V.
The fountain at the end of the acqueduct was referred to as "Il Fontanone" - the Big Fountain - because of its size. It was a the form of a free-standing triumphal arch constructed in white marble with granite columns on high socles. Most of the material was pillaged from the Forum of Nerva. Originally, it consisted of three large central arches, separated by columns, and a smaller one on each side. Water gushed into five basins at the base of each arch. The designer was Paul V's usual architect, Flaminio Ponzio. Among the team of sculptors involved was Ippolito Buzzi, who was responsible for the Borghese coat-of-arms, flanked by the Borghese eagle and dragon and held aloft by putti, doubtless to Ponzio's design.
Then, in 1690, Pope Alexander VIII commissioned Carlo Fontana, Giovanni's nephew, to enlarge the fountain. Carlo replaced the five small basins with an enormous single one which remains to this day.
In more recent times a small garden has been arranged, hidden behind the structure.

Thank you Nathan Louise and Robert for bringing these fine pictures to us. What a setting for your T15 to get to sail in! I hope you have many, many happy days of sailing,



This is the sailboat that I bought for my grandson who is living in Ethiopia and this photo was taken on Lake Langano, Enjoy, Susan Maxman PS my grandson's name is Michaux and he is 8 years old.

My Grandson loves his boat and wants to bring it back to the US when he comes this summer so that he can sail it in Maine. It was a great hit!!!

I am so excited to get a picture from Ethiopia. This is the 57th country where our boats are being sailed. I had never imagined that we would get a picture from Ethiopia. I tell everyone about getting it!

Happy Sailing,



Hi Will,
We thought we would send some photos of our repainted and added on cabin and stern skylight T37. On your Owner's pictures site are some 2 year old photos of the build and sailing on the St John's river. We have since gotten a lot more proficient at our modeling skills. We built a 1930 Dodge runabout from Legend boats. Double planked, etc.
Getting a good finish on a black hull was quite a challenge. After we finished, we just couldn't live with what we ended up with on the T37. So, we took the paint down and refinished it. It went from "YUM" to "Kinda Blue"... Kinda blue is not just a color reference, it is the title of our favorite Miles Davis jazz album.
By the way, we are in Jacksonville, Fl. Just a note... the idea and the execution of the aft skylight was taken from William Fife... Pete and Sheri Marshe


Hi Will and Cynthia,
I want to thank you for your fine T-Class boat model. I attached photos of my grandson, Jack, and his boat, Jackrabbit, hull number 16586. The photos including initial cruises on a duck pond in our neighborhood in Round Rock, Texas. Jack is delighted with his boat and even says good night to it! I hope that with this model, Jack has begun a lifetime love of sailing as I did beginning with a model my grandfather gave me nearly sixty years ago. I intend to teach Jack to sail on an Optimist Dinghy hanging in the garage when he is a bit older.
I checked out the website your suggested and believe my model is a Keystone Model 128. I am in the process of restoring it and will be contacting you for sails. Thanks again for a great model!

Final Adjustments Casting Off

Broad reach

Safe landing on a rocky shoreKeystone Model #128

It appears that Scott and his brother grew up with boats quite similar to my first boat which was also a Keystone Yacht. The hull shape is quite distinctive , the keel and rudder shapes vary and the lengths are different in the different Keystone models. Their larger boats over 30 inches were hollow hulls and quite elegant. For more about the history of this famous model boatbuilding company that produced thousands of capable and beautiful sailing boats and influenced the founding of Tippecanoe Boats, you might enjoy a visit to www.seaworthyjacrim.com


Hey Will -- This is looooong overdue. Finished the boat, took her out for the maiden voyage in Deale, MD, then took her up to a friend's in PA and wound up leaving it with her because she liked it so much displayed on the coffee table. Who knows, I may get it back or get a chance to sail it up there!Two shots here, both the same, one is a long shot, the other a close up of the original. Shot these down at Herrington Harbor North.Hope all is well with you and business is booming.Cheers! JD Leipold, Alexandria, VA703-684-3225

the S/V Underway

Hi Will, I am nearly finished the sailboat T37 that Pete got me for my B-day, and not all too sure what to name her as yet. But she is looking lovely, she is planked, with the mahogany that you sent, and another darker mahogany that was left over from Pete's 1930 Dodge Runabout. So that is looking really cool, he built me a special cabin top for her, and with a hatch, which is looking very lovely, we ordered some cleats, a bell, and some port and starboard lights for her as well. I am painting her, white with a blue bottom, deep blue like the sea,and pearl white like the snow glistens where I come from in Canada. We are having some very cold weather so we are taking the cold spell to finish up the boats, mine, and pete is doing some redo work on his hatch....Looking very nice. I hope you found the video on youtube, it is not that great, but the next ones will be better. I hope. Oh say, we were reading Wooden Boat Magazine last night and saw your adds. Very cool. I bet your getting a lot of sales through that magazine. I would think anyway. Especially from the Maritime areas, and so forth, maybe even Great Britain. Speaking about great Brit, I found a great website that has all the fittings you might ever want for the scales of all your sizes of boats. It is called www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk

, under RC model boat fittings. You would not believe all the sizes and the quality of the fittings that they have. They are a company out of Great Britian and man the stuff they have is unreal. Anything from just decorative to actual working lights, bells, horns, you name it.
Might want to check it out.

Hope you have a wonderful day, and happy sailing to you all.
Sheryl and Pete Marshe
Happy New Year

Thanks Sheri, What a beautiful boat you are building! I love the inlay along the deck edge! Happy Sailing,




Two graceful T27's sailing in California

We loved looking at all the new pictures! which reminded us that we are WAY OVERDUE in getting some pics to you of both Rey's boat, In Zed (with the green sail), and Matt's boat, Summerfest. . . They had a great time all summer sailing their boats almost every weekend! All of our pictures were taken at Canyon Lake, CA.
I've included just a couple pictures, but there are many more on my Facebook page, which i've linked here:
I hope you enjoy our pics, as the guys have enjoyed the boats! In fact, Matt has asked for the T47 Schooner for Christmas, so I'll be getting that order to you soon as well.
Thanks for making such great boats!!

Michelle Rahn

From Greg
To Tippecanoe Boats

Re: Two T-37s.

I want to thank you so much for your part in getting the two model T-37
boats to us in time for Christmas. I ordered them two weeks before
2009 and received them the Friday before Christmas, as it took about a
week for them to arrive.

The timing of putting the two boats together was very tight,
less than 7 full days, however the build was successful!

The Christmas gift for the whole family was memberships into the
Ladyhawke Yacht Club, meaning that it is my intention that the entire
family have access to the boats, (they are now kept at my parent's home which is on
a lake in Florida.) My father has since made racing markers which can be
tossed offshore and then retrieved via a rope without getting wet or the
need to launch them from a boat.

I wanted a match set of boats for the club (that is, for the boats to be
as equal as possible) in order to race them against each other. The boats are now very close in performance.

I've attached two picture one of the boats at sail, and the other of my
father (in black without the hat) sailing the boats with a friend.
While the boats are fun to sail alone, GET A MATCH PAIR, since sailing
against other classes of boats is difficult as one or the other will
tend to be much faster.



A terrific note from France about building wooden pond yachts:

Dear Will,
I found your ad in wooden boat magazine and remembered fondly an afternoon some years back that I spent chatting to an elderly gentleman as he sailed a classic model boat which strongly resembled your T27 on the pond in Central Park .
Funny how sailing a plastic "toy" seems so childish when a proper wooden sailboat that you put together yourself is an entirely different proposition.
I hope I can do a good job building mine and spend some pleasant afternoons sailing it on our pond in the Bois de Boulogne.
I will definitely send you pictures.
Christian Jabbour

Thanks Christian, You have expressed the difference between plastic and wood perfectly!

Happy Sailing, Will

These pictures come from a beautiful camp in Maine. Arrive for a relaxing week of vacation with your own T37 and you are guaranteed a week of good racing against the camp's two T37's! Igor and his wife run this lovely place on Munsungan Lake.

Igor & Karen Sikorsky
><((((('> www.BRADFORDCAMPS.com <')))))><
po box 729
Ashland, Maine 04732
Yankee Magazine's 2009 "BEST NATURE VACATION"

A Wonderful Story -


watch the video, it is really charming!

I completed "Comme Sea Comme Ca", shipped it to my Dad in Indiana for his 89th birthday, then flew out to set it up for him.
Here is a short video of the build and the sail. At the end, I include a credit to you as the designer. (I figure that is okay, but let me know if it is not.) Turn up your volume for accompanying music which is a song that has been in my family since I was a little boy:


Thanks for the nice kit. I will be in touch soon to get another one.


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