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Bozeman, Montana

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Hi Will,

On March 30th 2012 our family was uprooted from our home in Bozeman Montana as we found out that our 3 year old son Caden was fighting a rare cancer called neuroblastoma.  As a result we got the opportunity to spend the next 15 months in Seattle to be close to treatment at Seattle Children's Hospital.  Early on, during one of our weeks out of the hospital, I took my son to the Center for Wooden Boats to do a little exploring.  As part of our day out we also spent some time around the model boat pond… It was clear to me that Caden was very interested in the boats that were sailing and it was only a short time before we walked back to the center and picked up one of your T18 boats. This boat took us a week or so to get sanded and painted and eventually we made it back to the pond for its maiden voyage.  Caden had a blast and over the remainder of our stay we went back to the pond many times.

Caden had so much fun with the little T18 that we both agreed that we needed to build another boat. We finally decided on the T37 and have spent the past few months slowly getting the project completed.  It has been a super great opportunity for Caden and I to spend some quality time working on something that we are both excited about. On September 11 of this year we were in Seattle and found out after several days of scans that Caden's cancer had finally gone away.  Ironically we were walking by the Lake Union Sea Planes on our way to the pond with our T18 when we heard the good news.

Over the next few weeks we focused on getting the T37 finished and am happy to say that this afternoon we took hull #1921 (we haven't named her yet) out to our local pond and gave her her maiden voyage!

Anyway, I just wanted to send you a few pictures of the final ship and thank you for such an amazing product.  It went together flawlessly and had everything we needed to get her done.  More importantly, thank you for the incredible memories that Caden and I have been able to create together.

We hope to see you at the pond someday.


model sailboat seattle

This picture above of Caden with his T18 was taken the day he found out he was cancer-free.

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Congratulations Caden on your splendid recovery. It is so wonderful. This is one of the nicest of all the stories we have heard where our boats were involoved. Thanks so much for sharing with us. HAPPY SAILING CADEN, WILL

Southhampton, New York with a pair of beautiful T37s!

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Exhilarating first run together today! The sailboats handled beautifully! Would have required a harness if on board! Excellent handling and very responsive.

Gary Manowitz

Kirkland, Washington

model sailboat

Hi Will,

My T-37 hull 2072 is done and was launched Christmas Day in Kirkland. An interesting build project of an unexpectedly (to me) sophisticated boat. Hope to start racing this weekend.
I attended some of the November Builders event in Seattle. Thanks for your commitment to this sport.

Thanks again,

British Columbia

rc model sailboat

Bernard drove down from British Columbia to visit Tippecanoe Boats and to show off his new purple and white T37. Wow, she's a super boat, Bernard! Thanks for bringing her by!

Ramona, California

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t37 racing sloop remote controlled boat

Rich Bender sent in these pictures of his neon green T37. What an eye-catching and bright sailboat, Rich! She's vibrant against the water! Neon Green all the way!

Hoboken, New Jersey

tippecanoe model sailboats

Hi Will,

I've now completed the T37 and my 6 year old, Thomas, finished his T12, pretty much on his own with the exception of the knots - he got the hang of the figure-eight on some heavier rope earlier this evening, but the fishing line was a little fiddly for him so I helped him out there.

I've attached a picture of the two builders and their boats for your interest. The T37 is named Marsanne after my favorite grape. Thomas named his T12 Yoohoo after his favorite chocolate drink. Both have varnished decks, white keels and British racing green hulls, and we think they look really great! 

Once again, many thanks for producing such wonderful kits. They are so rewarding, and building one is really a journey mixed with moments of 'oh no - what did I just do?' and 'Wow, that's amazing how it came together'.

We both are looking forward to getting the T37 and T12 on the water to have even more fun - Hudson River here we come!

Kind Regards,

Sammamish, Washington

tippecanoe t18 racing sloop

model boat for kids

tippecanoe free sailing sailboat

A note from Aron:
Here are a few photos of big “Mimi” and little “Mimi”...all sailboats are named “Mimi” to her.
Thank you again for the great boats. We are really looking forward to good weather so we can go sail the T18 again.


East Greenwich, Rhode Island

remote control model sailboat

Matthew shared this picture of his new T37, complete with a custom black accent on the deck and a sparkling paint job. (but we don't know who the lovely young lady holding the boat is!) Thanks, Matthew!


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